Hanging the dryfish with locals Building the ice hotel together with the locals Bringing the sheep from the mountains Assisiting in UNESCO Heritage projects


When Norway was a poor country, the only way to get things done was when people gave their time and knowledge for free. This is called “dugnad” in norwegian. We are using this tradition in order to give our guests an insight into the authentic way of life in Norway.

Building the ice hotel together with the locals

Always being in competition for winter programs with Finland we proposed in addition to the traditional activities to start building the ice hotel together with the locals. Nobody ever has done it neither the locals with guests. It was for all the most fantastic experience and the locals said that they would have never come so far without the help AND they actually got paid for it.

Assisting in UNESCO Heritage projects

The entire village of Røros is on the UNESCO HERITAGE list and there is always a lot to fix and restore. We spend 2 days helping the local UNESCO helpers restoring simple wood works and learned from the experts more about the whole UNESCO HERITAGE concept and its preservation of historic sites. This creates consciousness and appreciation regarding our valuable history on Earth.

Hanging the dryfish with locals

In march the cod gets hang up on wooden construction in mother nature in order to dry and be therewith to "dry fish". For 1/2 day we joined the local fishermen in the Lofoten islands in this work and our guests learned not only about this thousand-year-old tradition but also about the local way of life.

Bringing the sheep from the mountains

In September the free roaming sheep are herded back to the farms. We had a group of leaders who had a communication problem and the coach was not able to make them see it. We proposed to herd the sheep with the farmer and after a short time the spread in all direction with NO communication, strategy or concept. It was chaotic as an experience BUT they truly experienced the problem.

Hands on in Norway
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“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”

– John Keats



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