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Get Involved.

During 25 years we have invented again and again new concepts and realized them with our local partners despite the apparent challenges of new thinking.

Each journey is carefully crafted and designed meeting the individual requirements of the group or the company.

We invite you to experience the true and authentic Norway through activities that get you involved.
As an example : together with local school children an insurance company (4 groups) cleaned nature paths and won the IMEX Green Award “Commitment to community”.

Participation instead of consumption.

Each journey is for a personal story of the traveller

Our activities reflect the local soul, are based on nature and local culture.

A great example is doglsledding being a metaphor for leadership. We offer this activity we let the guests harness the dog team themselves, they learn about the “art of doglsledding” and get deeper insights and involved in what they experiencing.

We use all kinds of ways of transportation in our journeys, like dogsledding, hydrofile boats, ferries, historic boats, modern busses of course, historic trains, bikes to explore the cities and nature, rib boats to explore places in the fjords and getting further in distance than a normal boat and much more.

A part of all type of hotels we prefer to work together with passionate local people who own smaller or bigger special hotels in powerful nature, we set up lappish tents and create the atmosphere of glamping.

We always find new and authentic ways to let you experience the essence of Norway

Food has become a true jewel in Norway. Based on our fresh and local ingredients amazing restaurants and food concepts have emerged.

Local and slow food is spread all over the country and the nutrious value of that food is more and more appreciated

Get Inspired.

We have done nearly everything, seen a lot, tasted innumerable foods. So, what makes us “hungry- inspires us”?

We believe it is the human encounter and meaningful experiences. The story you will never forget together with a local passionate person who carries you into his/her world and makes you a part of it.

Those are the moments which touch our hearts and soul and are the material for stories we tell.

Meetings in nature

Why not using nature as the natural meeting place ? We have plenty of ideas and possibilities to create unusual meeting atmospheres, which waken all your senses and makes you clearer in your mind and concentration.

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

Stay with local hosts

We invite our guests to dive deeply into Norwegian culture and traditions. We sincerely believe that the best way to experience this, is to lodge with locals and get involved in activities based on the roots of the local community.

One destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Sustainable technical Visits

We have assembled a broad network of enthusiastic professionals who create a more sustainable and innovative future. They are eager to meet you and share their insights with our guests.

You get educated by travelling.

Retreats in Norway

We have created a platform of special places in Norway where passionate hosts, powerful nature and our leadership developing team guides you through an inner and outer journey.

Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.

Green Award IMEX (Norway)

We invite you to experience the true and authentic Norway through activities that get you involved. Participation instead of consumption. As an example: together with local school children an insurance company (4 groups) cleaned nature paths and won the Green Award “Commitment to community”.

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

Hands on

We had several projects where the guests work alongside the locals and create a masterpiece together. 140 guests started to build up the yearly ice hotel in Alta together with the locals and while half where building the others enjoyed a dogsledding tour in wild nature. The bonding and sharing were amazing

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

Let us know,

what the purpose of your activity is and we would be happy to come up with suitable suggestions of where to go and what to do. When you choose to place a booking with Authenticore you are ensured to get valuable energy in return of your investment.

The "ildsjel" group

In the norwegian language we have a name for passionate people, “ildsjel”, translated it means “firesouls”. Local people who live their dream and make their work their passion. Those people are our partners and the hosts you will meet on our journeys



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