Stay with local hosts I NORWAY

Join a local family for a lunch Stay in a local home

Where cultures deeply meet

Instead of consuming a country the time is ripe for a true/authentic human encounter where we learn about each other difference and common value. When we experience respect and tolerance through common experiences we deeply connect to another culture and person. In a way the travel industry is an instrument to enhance peace.


Through our way of travelling we strengthen our “#muscles” of respect, tolerance and understanding of each others differences. This is an important aspect for a healthy and peaceful future and in our busy world where people are more and more disconnected from each other.

Stay in private homes

In 2005 we won in whole Scandinavia with the idea to bring 220 guests into a tiny mountain village and hosting about 90 of the guests in private homes and the rest in a small hotel and cabins. The entire village got involved and for both the guests and the locals it was an unforgettable event where long-lasting friendships were made.

Join a local family for a lunch

A couple of years ago we had 90 guests from Belgium who experienced everything imaginable during their 4 days stay in Norway. On the last day we managed 20 families to say yes to invite mall groups of 5 to a lunch in their homes. The talks which happened were so heartful and authentic that this one lunch was the hightlight of the entire journey.

Dive into the local way of life
A journey designed to your needs and requirements
“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”

– Gustave Flaubert  



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