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Natural leadership trails Retreat to refill Retreat to strengthen the team Time off

Re-treat, re-fill and re-connect

In Norway, we have powerful nature and passionate local people who own unusual places, are proud of what they are doing and live what they believe in. Our goal is to create atmospheres where our guests can experience that. We focus not only on the “hardware” (beautiful hotel and so on), but on the so-called software (humans and their beingness). Our vision is to support those passionate people (called in Norwegian “ildsjel- translated fire soul) and add the power of nature as another element of transformation.


In today’s busy time and life we need places where people can take time off, retreat to reset their lives or find meaning in it again. Many people experience a burn- out or get mentally and physically sick.

The places we offer are all in Norway, and it is the atmosphere of tranquility and the encounter with our ildsjel (fire souls) which let them experience silence, calmness and time to reflect.

Natural leadership trails

Nature is the best guide, coach and teacher. We stay in secluded amazing places within nature and use the surroundings for our deeper inner journeys. We promise you that you will not be the same as the one who came in the first place. Transformation, refill and seeing with new and fresh eyes are the outcome of a stay with us and in nature.

Retreat to strengthen the team

What about taking your team for some days into a powerful setting in nature where the activities are geared to share and get to know each other in a perhaps new and deeper way. Those days can restructure a team or bring it strongly together

Retreat to refill

Sometimes we need to retreat from everyday life in order to either refill our inner batteries or simply to reconnect to ourselves. The combination of places owned by passionate people combined with powerful nature and our facilitators is the magical formula where you will retrieve your inner strength. Our team of facilitators supports your process and assists you on your inner path

Time off

Perhaps you have a group of clients or managers who are simply exhausted. why not offering them a "time out" where they can learn tools to relax (like meditation, deep rest), walk in nature, have time in silence and share their concerns around a fire place both inside and outside.

Retreats in Norway
A journey designed to your needs and requirements

“Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection”

– Laurence Durrell



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