Forest Cabins Lappish tents Electric Hydrofil Boat Historic Sailing Boat Farming House

Where nature meets mind.

Why not using nature as the natural meeting place? Instead of spending time in uninspiring meeting rooms, we create meeting room spaces in huge Lappish tents (up to 1500 people), bring all the technical equipment in, create break-out rooms around in other big Lappish tents and instead of staying inside for a coffee break we can build up fire places where the guests stay around, drink freshly brewed coffee from the fire and eat steaming Norwegian cinnamon buns. Another idea are forest cabins, accessible by bus, big sailing boats, huge electric hydrofile boats or farming houses. There is no limit to our imagination and always nature is our natural surrounding.


We believe that meetings outside the traditional meeting and conference rooms are much more effective, fun and combine both the professional and coming together focus. It is proven that people are more receptive when the frame includes nature.

Lappish tents

We had several meeting in lappish tents which can be set together in different shape and sizes. Stepping outside you are straight in nature and get inspired simply by breathing fresh air.

Historic sailing boats

All over the country we have authentic and historic sailing boats. The symbol to have a meeting on a boat is significant and brings people together. In addition the senses get inspired and we know that that makes us alive and more alert

Forest cabins for both meetings and activities

Just 15 minutes by bus from Oslos city center lies a cosy grassroof forest cabin, big enough to host up to 100 people for a meeting. Next to the house we set up lappish tents as break-out rooms and in the coffeee break you inhale forest air and let the eyes rest on a calm lake. If that is not re- energizing the brain and soul !

Electric Hydrofile boat

One of those new hydrofile boats are available in different places in Norway and while you concentrate on your meeting you get inspired by the ever changing nature around you. Our brains become more and more alive

Farming houses

A cosy barn on a farm not far from the city centers or the airports are numerous in Norway and by breathing history and local hostmanship we open up to the themes of the meeting and each other.

Meetings in nature in Norway
A journey designed to your needs and requirements

“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.”

– Juvenal, Satires



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