Sustainable Technical Visits I Norway

Meaningful City Discovery Biomimicry and other workshops Site/technical visits

A deeper insight into local sustainable projects and innovative projects.

Norway has become one of the foremost country in sustainable and innovative projects. Over the last years we have made a collection of professionals which we can inculde in our projects. We work transdisciplinary with architects, universities, developers and others.

Involvement in local projects.

We create projects were the traveller works side by side with the locals. In the Norwegian language there always has been a word for voluntary work – “dugnad” and it stillis used today in all communities in Norway.

Biomimicry and other workshops

We offer with our group of professionals workshops which can be catered to all kind of industries where the guests engage actively and learn about innovative concepts and projects. It can be workshops between 2-6 hours.

Meaningful city discovery

A more meaningful city walk includes themes like architecture, waste management, circular economy, art installations, energy saving innovation and much more. They can become elements of a walking or biking tour through the city.

Site/technical visits

We organize technical visits where we match professional guests with local counterparts and create an ambience of exchange and learning

Sustainability in pratice - Sustainable visits in Norway
A journey designed to your needs and requirements
“You get educated by travelling”

– Solange Knowles



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