In 2005, a group of 220 people from SAP in Belgium was supposed to go to Amman and unfortunately a bomb exploded in the Radisson Blue Hotel, and they had to switch the entire group of 220 people to a contrast destination. Whole Scandinavia became the challenge to come up with a short concept.

Rent a village - a big challenge

Karina called a passionate and local partner in the mountains of Norway and asked her what she things if we together create a program based on the human encounter and contrasts:

  • City-village
  • Quick-slow
  • IT-farming

She said that Karina  was” crazy” but  she was too and if Karina  could do something like that it would be with her.  We proposed  the idea and won over all over countries, BUT nobody in the village knew about is, and it was the 5th December and the group would come on the 12th of February next year.


Actual project

In order to make a Mindshift in the group they flew Karina to Brussels to present the concept in the SAP lounge and the group was enthusiastic

We went though a huge process in the village and involved the local major, the children, the elderly people and everybody who wanted from the 160 inhabitants. It was an amazing project with a tight timeframe and many challenges, but “wo does not dare does not  win”.

We chartered the airport train from the Oslo airport and had already a starting event on the train where they met some of the locals. Then we were met by the major and the locals. 90 people stayed in private homes, some in a small local hotel and in cabins.

It was the biggest thing ever for both the company and the village and friends were made for ever. The locals still talk about this event and always ask when we would come back with another group like that.



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